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a) You can either return your car where you rented it, or make a one way trip.
b) if you want your car delivered to your doorstep, let us know in step 3

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places to visit

'Central Europe's largest lake, with of swimming, sailing, and a multitude of cultural opportunities.


The city of the numerous monuments and museums. The Valley of „Szépasszony-völgy” is the "citadel" of the worldwide known Eger wine region.


The Old Village and Hollókői castle are sites of World Heritage. Every year a number of traditional festivals are held in the village.


One of the oldest town of Hungary rich in cultural events in museums and in historic monuments.


The site of Hortobágy Plains and of the associated shepherds and outlaws romance.


The Capital of Austria, a political, economic, cultural and spiritual center of international magnitude.


The capital of Slovakia, a fast growing economical and cultural center in Central Europe. Visit the cosy old town or the magnificent bridge over the Danube river.


This 150 shop Designer Outlet is full of luxury brands. Prime shopping close to the hungarian border.