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Fox,… the green car rental company
FOX Autorent has decided to introduce cars with ECO engines and start-stop automatics, and other environmental-friendly features. We are the first car rental organisation supplying the Hungarian market with 100% electric powered vehicles. Our website is now certified being 100% carbon neutral, and every vehicle we offer is showing the CO2 emission next to the price.
...about FOX
Founded in 1988, FOX Autorent is the leading independent car rental company in the region. We are present on three international airports: in Vienna, Budapest and Lake Balaton. In addition we have offices in the City Center in Budapest and in the City Center of Hévíz.
Carbon free website
Our company is committed to environmental protection. We take the challenges caused by global warming seriously. To this end, we had this page’s carbon footprint calculated, and we have supported a project where the same amount of emission was reduced, in order to offset this website’s carbon footprint. In this way, our website has become carbon neutral. The operation of this website does not contribute to global warming. We hope that this action serves as an example and as guidance for our partners and competitors.