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a) You can either return your car where you rented it, or make a one way trip.
b) if you want your car delivered to your doorstep, let us know in step 4

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...about FOX

FOX Autorent is the leading independent Hungarian car rental company. Founded in 1988 we are most probably also the oldest car rental company in Hungary still active today. Starting only with 6 cars, FOX Autorent had soon grown its fleet to over 600 vehicles.

In our more than 25 years we have served ambassadors, corporate tycoons, Hollywood- and sport stars, such as Michael Schuhmacher, Claudia Schiffer or Jack Welch, but the group that makes us most proud is the tens of thousands of happy domestic and foreign travellers visiting our country, renting a car from us at one of the airports we are working on.

In 2014 we felt that we had the size and the experience to try our luck and establish our company outside of Hungary. Early summer we opened our Austrian office from where we service the Vienna and Bratislava airports.