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The leading independent car rental company in Hungary.

Since the early days of FOX AUTORENT, in 1988, we have continually focused our services to meet the needs of our customers. This simple philosophy, which still applies today, has helped us become one of the largest independent car rental companies in Hungary next to the major international players. Our fleet of over 300 cars has been put together to serve the differing requirements of our clients. We offer a suitable solution for every occasion. Small cars for your in-city shopping; larger cars for the business traveller, minivans or small buses for business trips, weekends away or for holidays. Got any goods or parcels to transport? We also offer a range of vans and mini trucks.

We meet the needs of international clients visiting Hungary by providing smooth, efficient ’meet and greet’ services when they arrive at the airports and other transit points in Hungary. We are also strategically placed in Budapests City centre at the Corinthia Hotel, next to the Budapest Airport and Hévíz town centre to service the needs of clients in these very dynamic regions of Hungary. There are also plans in the future to have other offices in other major towns and cities in the country. Since 2010 we are also servicing our customers at the airports Vienna.

Our high level of individual service to our clients has resulted in us receiving the prestigious award “BEST OF BUDAPEST” every year since 1998.

If you wish to return the rental car to our other office, unlike the entrance point, our company charges a one-way travel fee.

A separate pick-up fee will be billed for extra recording and / or delivery outside the office.


Vienna, airport

2401 Fischamend, Reichsstraße 4

Phone: +43 676 627 3191

Mo.-Su. 8:00-19:00: Mon.-Fri. 8:00-20:00

After your arrival we will wait for you at the airport.

Vienna, airport Vienna, airport Vienna, airport

Vienna, downtown

1030 Vienna, Landstraßer Hauptstraße 150, Trienna Shopping Center

Phone: +43 660 1860869

Mo.-Su. 8:00-19:00: Mon.-Sun. 8:00-18:00


Vienna, downtown Vienna, downtown Vienna, downtown

Budapest, airport

2220 Vecsés, Lőrinci út 101.

Phone: +36 70 455 4033

Mo.-Su. 8:00-19:00: Mon.-Sun. 8:00-19:00

On arrival, call +36 70 455 4033, and our colleague will ship you to our office immediately.

Budapest, airport Budapest, airport Budapest, airport

Budapest, downtown

Corinthia Hotel Budapest, 1074 Budapest, Hársfa utca 53-55.

Phone: +36 70 455 4041

Mo.-Su. 8:00-19:00: Budapest, downtown, opening hours

Entrance is in the garage of Hotel Corinthia (one way street)

Budapest, downtown Budapest, downtown Budapest, downtown

Hévíz Office

8380 Hévíz, Széchenyi u.7.

Phone: +36 70 455 4020

Mo.-Su. 8:00-19:00: Mon.-Fri. 8:00-19:00


Hévíz Office Hévíz Office Hévíz Office